Special Design Air Compressor For Laser Cutting System

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● No installation/power on & use/easy maintenance/adjustable pressure


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1.High Efficiency Copper Motor
Protection class ip55, insulation class f, continuous high strength operation design

2.High-Strength Body Design
3mm High-strength Low-alloy Steel, fully protected equipment components

3.Aluminium Alloy Plate Exchanger
Small air resistance, corrosion resistance, full heat transfer, reduce energy consumption by 35%

4.High Grade Inverter
Top brand strength guarantee, the global compressor industry, Industry high-end first choice

5.High Efficiency Precision Filter
Efficiency remove water and oil protect laser cutting machine lens ,reduce pressure differnce and reduce energy cost

6.Powerful Air Eed
Before and after the 4 bearing design, 8 bearing operation, stable and reliable, cutting more smooth, more flat section

7.Standard High Efficiency Dryer
High Air quality, ensure pressure dew point, protect laser lens and knife head

8.16 kg Air Supply
Can provide 16kg continuous constant pressure gas supply, eliminate loading and unloading pressure difference, improve work efficiency

9.Water Auto Drainer
Reduce Dryer, filter load, ensure air quality

10.Wide Voltage Design
Wide Voltage range to ensure continuous power supply

Product Introduction

We have 9 series of products with multiple models. Including Fixed speed screw air compressor, PM VSD screw air compressor, PM VSD two-stage screw air compressor, 4-in-1 screw air compressor, Oil free water lubrcating screw air compressor, Diesel portable screw air compressor, Electric portable screw air compressor, Air dryer, Adsorption machine and the matching spare parts. Dukas adheres to the business philosophy of cooperation and mutual benefit to provide a one-stop service for every customer!

Dukas air compressors not only cover the domestic market but also are exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as South Africa, Australia, Thailand, Russia, Argentina, Canada and so on. Dukas products have won a good reputation from users for our excellent quality and performance. The company has always adhered to the concept of quality first, service first and dedication to providing every customer with excellent products and meticulous after-sales service!

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